Full HD Gynecological Digital Video Colposcope Equipment KN-2200IH Optional Two Screens

  • Full HD Gynecological Digital Video Colposcope Equipment KN-2200IH Optional Two Screens
  • Full HD Gynecological Digital Video Colposcope Equipment KN-2200IH Optional Two Screens
  • Full HD Gynecological Digital Video Colposcope Equipment KN-2200IH Optional Two Screens
Full HD Gynecological Digital Video Colposcope Equipment KN-2200IH Optional Two Screens
  • CE, FDA
  • LED

1. Sony's latest HD technology, 3.27 million effective pixels.
2. 30 optical magnification times.
3. Double screen design.
4. 4 Imaging modes: colorless imaging, natural light imaging, LED light imaging, filter mode.


video colposcope

Capture system

Adopts Sony's latest HD technology, 3.27 million 

effective pixels, 30 times optical zoom, with 

high-quality amplification effect can be clearly 

observed a variety of small pathological cells.

Control handle 

Adopt Palm-type handle design, humanized 

operation panel, can realize zoom, focus, 

imaging mode, image marking,brightness

adjustment and other functions with single


colposcopy biopsy

Cervical cancer screening


360° adjustable full-damping camera holder, can be 

automatically fixed at any Angle.


Metal and integrated Three-arm design for 

all types of inspection beds. 

Flexible positioning of the arm support, can 

arbitrarily adjust the position and angle of 

the lens.

video colposcope

colposcopy biopsy

Patient Screen

Double screen design, patients can intuitively

understand the disease situation,convenient

for doctors to communicate with patients.


1. The new generation HD colposcope with 1/2.8" Sony CCD, 20x optical zoom and 2.1 million effective pixels provides doctors with high quality, high resolution images.

2. With rear view screen display function with internal battery, it is free from the limitation of wire and workstation, and applied to rapid consultation and large scale census work, making the examination more convenient and fast.

3. Fully damped head, 360-degree all-round adjustment, can automatically hover at any angle.

4. The trolley is made of all metal, integrated design, strong integrity, more convenient to move, suitable for various types of examination rooms.

5. Flexible positioning of the cantilever bracket, can be arbitrarily adjusted the position and angle of the lens to meet the needs of clinical examination and surgical operations, providing doctors with a dead-angle observation field of view.

6. Advanced light spot reduction imaging technology, reducing the reflection phenomenon caused by light spots.

7. Four imaging modes, highlighting important lesion tissues and blood vessels, epithelial tissue, real restoration of tissue primary color and detail level, to meet different clinical needs.


KERNEL Digital Video Colposcope Imaging System


Applicationclinical diagnosis of vulva, vagina, cervix and early cervix cancer screening

Software of KERNEL colposcope

Imaging Sensor
1/2.8 inch Sony CCD colposcope equipment
Effective pixels
3.27 million
Image Size
Horizontal resolution
Image output way
3G-SDI,transmission rate:2.97Gb/S
Magnification times
System zoom:480X; Optical zoom:30X; Digital zoom:16X
Depth of field
Work ditance
Color saturation
Geometric distortion of the image
Light source
LED lifespan
≥5000 hours
Light spot
Color temperature
Color rendering index
Light intensity of illumination
≥4300Lux(Work distance L=250mm)
≥2400Lux(Work distance L=400mm)

What is Digital electronic colposcope

Digital electronic video colposcope is the digital imaging system integrating modern digital electronic technology and computer technology.The image of the examination site is clearly displayed on the computer monitor in real time by the computer, and the excellent light source and high magnification of the clear image can identify the extremely small lesions.At the same time, the digital image processing and graphic report system of colposcopy can be used to collect, freeze, analyze, process, store and print the observed images for integrated operation and management, so as to provide better services for doctors and patients.

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