• KernelMed and Philips celebrate their 20th anniversary of partnership

    Explore the dynamic twenty-year collaboration between KernelMed and Philips, pioneers in the realm of phototherapy. Discover their shared journey of innovation, strategic insights, and mutual growth, shaping the future of medical technology. Delve into their celebration, industry insights, and vision for continued partnership in our latest blog.

  • Empowering Healthcare: Kernel Medical Equipment Co., Ltd's Triumph at the 89th CMEF Exhibition

    Elevate healthcare standards with Kernel Medical Equipment Co., Ltd.'s innovative devices showcased at the 89th CMEF Exhibition. Explore UV phototherapy, LED photodynamic therapy, diagnostic tools, and holistic treatment solutions. Engage with industry leaders in advancing patient care.

  • 3 Great Breakthrough in Vitiligo Treatment in the Wold Updated in January

    Discover groundbreaking advancements in vitiligo treatment. FDA-approved ruxolitinib capsules show remarkable efficacy, with over half of adult patients experiencing significant improvement. Explore a new target, IL-33, identified by European scientists, offering potential treatment options. Chinese scientists make strides with gene therapy, a promising breakthrough in vitiligo treatment. Stay informed on the latest innovations.

  • 10 breaking news in vitiligo treatment in November 2023

    Latest Breakthroughs in Vitiligo Research and Treatment (November 2023). Explore international expert recommendations on diagnosis and management, innovative therapies like topical ruxolitinib, and emerging insights into vitiligo pathogenesis. Discover new perspectives on Wnt/β-catenin signaling, systemic connections with lupus, and promising studies on topical tacrolimus and methotrexate efficacy. Stay ahead in vitiligo care with cutting-edge updates.

  • New treatments offer hope for people with alopecia areata

    Discover the latest breakthroughs in treating hair loss, specifically alopecia areata, in this insightful study published in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology's supplement, 'Alopecia: A New Frontier.' Explore how JAK inhibitors offer hope for those with moderate to severe alopecia areata, reducing inflammation and restoring balance to the immune system. Learn from the experience of individuals like Courtney Martens, who regained their identity through innovative treatments. Find out about various treatment options, including JAK inhibitors, for managing alopecia areata. Your journey to understanding and combating hair loss starts here.

  • Clinical Diagnosis and Treatment of Vitiligo and Guidelines for Home Phototherapy

    Kernel med invited Dr.ChengFeng Zhang to hold this lecture about recognize and treatment vitiligo and how use home uv phototherapy correctly. Dr.ChengFeng Zhang is the professional dermatologist from Department of Dermatology, Huashan Hospital, who is mainly engaged in research on the pathogenesis of pigmented disordered skin diseases and beauty-related skin diseases.

  • American Association of Dermatology 2023

    Kernel MED attended 81th AAD, in New Orleans, United States, in March, 2023. It's a great honor for us to have this valuable opportulity to meet with so many friends from all around the world.

  • Kernel Med Shines at the 87th CMEF: A Gathering of Friends from Around the World

    Hi there, our dear friends, It's been a long time since we meet at the medical equipment fair in China, so we meet here, at 87th CMEF in Shanghai, Kernel Med is here with you.

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