Video Colposcopy Camera Equipment KN-2200A

  • Video Colposcopy Camera Equipment KN-2200A
  • Video Colposcopy Camera Equipment KN-2200A
  • Video Colposcopy Camera Equipment KN-2200A
  • Video Colposcopy Camera Equipment KN-2200A
Video Colposcopy Camera Equipment KN-2200A
  • :Gynecological Including vaginal and uterine diagnosis
  • :CE、FDA
  • :LED light
  • :available

1. Sony color CCD, 2.1 million effective pixels, 1080P horizontal resolution
2. High color rendering index led light source
3. Four imaging modes: colorless imaging, natural light imaging, LED light imaging, filter mode.
4. Scope of application: clinical diagnosis of vulva, vagina, cervix and other parts.


video colposcope

Imaging System


Equipped with a Sony color HD 

CCD sensor, this camerafeatures

 an impressive 2.1 millioneffective 


Remote Control

Our control handle boasts an intuitive operation panel, ensuring seamless management of the device's functionalities using just one hand. This streamlined design facilitates diverse tasks, from zooming and focusing to altering imaging modes, annotating images, and fine-tuning brightness settings.

digital colposcope


Original software

The device's original software and support for multiple languages make it a versatile and user-friendly product. It can be used with Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10 operating systems, and it is available in English, Turkish, Vietnamese, French, Spanish, Russian, and Italian.

Swing arm stand

The swing arm stand is a versatile and adjustable platform that allows the colposcope to be positioned and angled in a variety of ways. This makes it a valuable tool for clinical examination and operation, as it can be customized to meet the specific needs of each patient.

video colposcope

digital colposcope

ABS integrated trolley

The ABS integrated trolley is a well-designed unit that is easy to use and provides a variety of viewing angles. The monitor can be adjusted up and down to accommodate the user's preferences.

Features of colposcope software

1. Image Acquisition


There are two acquisition and video recording methods, foot switch and software, the image can realize dynamic, static and full-screen acquisition, and 100 color images can be collected for each inspection



2. Clinical Analysis


Professional case atlas (up to 175 types), and satisfactory case pictures can be added to the standard atlas library for clinical comparison. The professional clinical diagnosis knowledge base provides a large number of editable clinical terms and cooperates with the RCI automatic evaluation system to make the inspection more objective and accurate


3.Image Processing


It has image dynamic and static comparison functions, which can be compared with standard atlases. The collected images can be enlarged, reduced, negative imaged, marked, text marked, partially enlarged, area perimeter calculation and other operations, making it more convenient for doctors to identify diseased tissues




4. Query statistics


Cases can be queried in five ways: case number, name, barcode, date of birth, and date of examination. The retrieved cases can be image displayed, data modified, saved, follow-up visits and video playback, which facilitates hospital information management and improves management efficiency




5. Report editing


Comes with 19 standard case report templates for easy editing and printing of case reports. 1-6 pictures can be displayed on the same screen, and the report template can be designed and modified by itself, and can be output in PDF format, providing a basis for the prevention of medical disputes



Applicationclinical diagnosis of vulva, vagina, cervix and early cervix cancer screening

Camera1/2.8 inch Sony CCD
Effective Pixels2,100,000 px
ZoomSystem: 320x, optical: 20x, digital: 16x
Focus Mode
Automatic or manual
Depth of Field
Working Distance


Field of View


Color Saturation

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