UVB Phototherapy cabinet Equipment For Vitiligo Psoriasis KN-4001

  • UVB Phototherapy cabinet Equipment For Vitiligo Psoriasis KN-4001
  • UVB Phototherapy cabinet Equipment For Vitiligo Psoriasis KN-4001
UVB Phototherapy cabinet Equipment For Vitiligo Psoriasis KN-4001
  • :vitiligo、psoriasis、eczema、pityriasis rosea
  • :ISO、CFDA、13485
  • :available

1. UV phototherapy with 40 pcs of 100 W UV lamps.
2. Various combination (all UVA / all UVB or UVA+UVB)
3. PUVA output and narrow band UVB lamps can work separately or work together.
4. UV lamps has 8 inch TFT LCD touching screen , case management function .
5. With optional UV intensity meter, real-time displays UV output intensity .


narrow band uvb light

Light Source

Phillips special medical

311nm narrow band UVB lamp as light source. Internal reflector, 

ensures high irradiation intensity, shortens the treatment time.


8" TFT LCD touching screen, with case management 

function. Hardware and software double monitoring 

function, ensure the patients' safety.


ultraviolet phototherapy

UVB lamp for psoriasis

Microcomputer Control

Microcomputer controls on dose or time to guarantee the 

treatment precision, and real-time display the working status 

of the equipment.


Various Combination

PUVA output and NBUVB output work separately and 

simultaneously. KN-4001 UV phototherapy has 40 

pieces100W UV lamps, which output effective treatment can reduce treatment cycles and times. 

narrow band uvb light

ultraviolet phototherapy

Intensity and ventilation system

With optional UV intensity measurement system, real-time 

dispalys the irradiation intensity. KN-4001 whole body UV

phototherapy has scientific ventilation, cooling system, 

comfortable treatment space.

Anti-interferece technology    

Unique anti-interference technology, ensure the normal

use of equipment in strong magnetic field.


UVB lamp for psoriasis

Main features

  • Light source: Use Philips special medical level  UV lamps.

  • UVA light &UVB light can work independently or simultaneously.

  • Microcomputer control system, real-time display intensity. 

  • Hardware and software double-monitoring UV light work processing to ensure the patients' safety.

  • With optional special software of remote control and case management functions.

  • With optional irradiation intensity measurement system.

  • Unique voice prompts function, more convenient for the treatment.


Configuration of  UV Lamp
KN-4001A40×100W UVA
KN-4001B40×100W UVB
20×100W UVA, 20×100W UVB
KN-4001A140×120W UVA
KN-4001B140×120W UVB

Effective Radiation Area


Working Distance


Irradiation Dose

UVA20J/cm2, UVB5J/cm2

Output Wavelength RangeUVB: 311nm±3nm  UVA: 368nm±3nm
Maximum Exposure Time


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