• 1.Do you have a branch office abroad?

    Yes,Kernel have set up for 24 years, we have branch company in US and have exclusive agent Germany, Russia, Singapore etc. And also we have many agency all over the world.

  • 2.If your company offer ODM/OEM, any cost?

    Color, logo, machine design,software design can be OEM and ODM with a reasonable price.

  • 3.I have a KN-4003 UV lamp device(110V version) and I live in USA, now if I move to Korea, could I use my device there?

    The ac power used in Korea is AC220V, if you use the 110V version directly, the device will be destroyed; you’re suggested to buy a transformer or order a new 220V version or buy a device with rechargable built-in battery(KN-4003BL2D, KN4006BL1D).

  • 4.I ordered your Kernel KN-4006 and now I want to buy the bulb only, is that possible?

    Of course, please provide your email address we’ll send you the invoice.

  • 5.I ordered a Kernel 4003B/4003BL/4003BL2/4003BL2D/4006B1/4006BL1 with Philips 9W bulb, I want to inquire the radiation intensity, could you tell me?

    The products above all adopt Philips 9W bulb and the radiation intensity are all 6.8nM/cm2.

  • 6.If I order your UV lamp device, do i need to wear a goggles to protect my eyes when using it?

    The ultraviolet is harmful to our eyes so it very necessary to wear a UV goggles to protect them. But you don’t need worry about that, we equip one UV goggles in every of our UV light therapy device, and if you need more than 1pc, you can order from us.

  • 7.Do I need to apply some medicine to the lesion parts before I use the UV lamp for treatment?

    You’re suggested to consult your doctor for more details.

  • 8.I received the UV lamp, how do I protect the normal skin when treating the lesion part?

    You can use a cloth or your clothes to cover the normal skin, so that only the lesion parts can be radiated by the ultraviolet light.

  • 9.After the radiation, what should I care for the lesion parts?

    You’re suggested to reduce the frequency of being exposed on the sunshine and eat less photosensitive foods or medicine.

  • 10.After the UV lamp radiation, my skin feel dry and even itch more or less, how can I ease that?

    You can use some hydrating cream or aloe vera gel which will make you feel better.

  • 11.My doctor tell me the dosage, but I don’t know how long I need to radiate?

    treating time(seconds) = dosage(mJ/cm2) or J/cm2*1000 / radiation intensity(mW/cm2)

  • 12.Could you provide more details about how to use the UV lamp at home?

    You can refer to the instructions in https://www.umassmed.edu/vitiligo/vitiligo-treatment/ https://www.umassmed.edu/globalassets/vitiligo/umass-uvb-phototherapy-guidelines.pdf And that’s just for reference, you’re suggested to consult your doctor for more details.

  • 13.If I radiate my skin for too long and overexposure them to the ultraviolet, blisters come out and the skin become tanned, what should I do?

    Firstly, you’re suggested to consult your doctor at once. If you go outside remember to take measures to avoid being exposed in the sun. And you need to delay the next treatment time until the ultraviolet burned skin recovering.

  • 14.Does uvb phototherapy have side effects? How to deal with it once it happens?

    Compared with drugs, the side effects of ultraviolet phototherapy are mild. The most common reactions are local erythema, pain and other sunburn like reactions caused by excessive irradiation dose or high irradiation frequency. If it occurs, you can suspend the irradiation first and continue the treatment after the erythema subsides. In case of severe erythema or blister, go to the hospital to see a doctor for face-to-face treatment, and continue treatment after local treatment and improvement.

  • 15.If we use the uvb phototherapy for long-term treatment, will it cause skin cancer?

    So far, many investigations have been carried out on the correlation between phototherapy, photochemotherapy and skin cancer, and all the results have failed to confirm that phototherapy and photochemotherapy can directly lead to skin cancer.

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