Excimer Laser therapy 308nm Excimer treatment vitiligo

  • Excimer Laser therapy 308nm Excimer treatment vitiligo
  • Excimer Laser therapy 308nm Excimer treatment vitiligo
  • Excimer Laser therapy 308nm Excimer treatment vitiligo
Excimer Laser therapy 308nm Excimer treatment vitiligo
  • vitiligo, psoriasis, eczema, rosea pityriasis
  • ISO, CFDA, 13485
  • XeCl

1. Light source:308nm XeCl excimer light source
2. Irradiation Area:22cm2±10%
?3. Irradiation intensity:35 mW/cm2
4. Two treatment modes of dose and time
5. Built-in MED test function


308nm excimer laser

Light Source

Utilizing the latest generation of imported xenon chloride gas light source, this system emits a continuous, high-intensity single-frequency 308nm excimer light. The output features a stable waveband and produces a pure spot.

Enhanced Targeting Capability

Tailored for small-area treatments, the system boasts a flexible treatment handle that allows for meticulous control of the radiation treatment range. Consequently, it effectively safeguards the normal skin from any potential damage.

uvb phototherapy

308nm excimer for vitiligo

Versatile Size Options

The treatment handle hoods come in various specifications, offering users the freedom to choose the most suitable size for the treatment area. This intelligent feature helps prevent any unnecessary radiation output.

Two Working modes

Dose mode and time mode available for choosing
308nm excimer laser

uvb phototherapy

MED test

With specific UV dosage schemes built-in, the system offers an automated six-spot skin phototoxicity test. Additionally, it streamlines intricate testing procedures, simplifying operation to accommodate the unique characteristics of each patient's skin.

Portable and User-Friendly

Featuring a hand-held design, this machine excels in portability and ergonomic ease, making it user-friendly.

308nm excimer for vitiligo

Basic Parameter

Light SourceXenon chloride excimer light
UVB wavelength


IndicationsVitiligo, psoriasis, eczema, pityriasis rosea
Output intensity


Irradiation area


WeightIN.W.:1.1kg, G.W.:2.5kg

How to distinguish 308 phototherapy

1.Medical device registration certificate 

2.Llight source : 308nm high intensity LED UVB light as the illuminating can emit 308 nm excimer light with high energy and single wavelength. 

3.Wavelength: is a single wavelength of 308 nm. Note that it is not the main peak wavelength, and the 308 phototherapy device has no other stray light. 

4.Irradiation intensity,:the irradiation intensity of 308 phototherapy apparatus is 12mW/cm2, and the actual irradiation intensity of UVB lamp or false 308 is only a few mW/cm2. (1mW/cm2=1000uW/cm2, please pay attention to identification.) 

5.Irradiation time,:308 initial irradiation time is 3 seconds, and the initial irradiation time of UVB or false 308 is about 20 seconds or even longer.

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