A lecture on key technologies and strategies for photodynamic treatment of acne by Wang Xiuli



        Today we invite director Xiuli Wang to share to us the key technologies and strategies of photodynamic treatment of acne,The following is the main content of her lecture:

         Acne vulgaris is a common skin disease of adolescents. More than 90% of adolescents have been troubled by acne. About half of acne patients have scars, pigmentation and other sequelae. Moderate to severe acne affects appearance, tends to leave permanent scars, affects physical and mental health, and even causes depression and social difficulties.

acne treatment

         For the treatment of severe acne, the first-line treatment in domestic and foreign guidelines is the use of tretinoin drugs. It has many effects and very good effects, but its side effects cannot be ignored. For example, its teratogenicity, used with caution during childbearing age, affects bone development, and used with caution during development, the impact on liver function and blood lipids, the most important thing is that its treatment course is longer: 6-12 months. With antibiotics for acne, because of drug resistance, gastrointestinal reactions, and liver and kidney function, so its treatment period is relatively long: 2-3 months. Therefore, the treatment of acne with quick and good effect is photodynamic therapy. 


         Wang Xiuli’s team has used photodynamic therapy to treat acne for more than ten years. The photodynamic therapy mechanism requires light source and photosensitizer ALA. After the cells produce singlet oxygen, they need to be irradiated with light. Kernel’s equipment is use red light, which is wangxiuli team’s favorite device.especially KN-7000D.it has 1820 pieces high power LEDs.Seven kinds of light combinations (red, blue, yellow, green, red+blue, red+yellow, red+infrared), High intensity lights output Under irradiation, singlet oxygen can be generated to Kill propionibacterium acnes in sebaceous gland cells and hair follicles.


          Two of the four articles cited in the 2016 American JAAD Acne Guidelines are from China. The article said: The status of photodynamic therapy in the world is very clear. Of all the laser and phototherapy treatments for acne, PDT is the most effectively,adequate treatment.

More than 90% of the skin lesions in one week after photodynamic treatment of acne were completely resolved in the clinic more than ten years ago. After three courses of treatment for six months, there was basically no recurrence of skin lesions.

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