PDT LED Photodynamic Therapy KN-7000L

Meet the KN-7000L, a versatile Four Color LED Light Therapy device for comprehensive 

skin beauty and dermatological treatment. With its high-intensity SMD LED light source,

 it effectively treats inflammatory acne, inflammation, and facilitates skin healing.


  • Customizable multi-light source for diverse skin conditions.

  • Telescopic cantilever for targeted light application.

  • AI temperature control for safe and precise therapy.

  • User-friendly 10.4-inch touchscreen interface.

  • ISO, FDA, and CE certified for quality assurance.

The KN-7000L offers a range of light therapies, including red, blue, yellow, and green, 

for skin rejuvenation and treatment of acne, wrinkles, whitening and skin cancer. 

Experience advanced dermatological care with the KN-7000L.

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