UVA1 phototherapy for morphea

  • UVA1 phototherapy treatment morphea UV phototherapy

    KN-4002A1/A2 is the latest technology product which adpots High-dose long- wavelength LED UVA1 as light source, UVA1 penetrates deeper than other ultraviolet phototherapies and has different biologic effects than UVB and shorter-wavelength UVA (UVA2, 315–340 nm).UVA1 light therapy can be used more precisely to treat difficult and chronic skin disorders,especially the scleroderma, Atopic dermatitis, Cutaneous T-cell lymphoma Etc. Adopt new technology high power ultraviolet solid state cold light source,high output energy,long use life. Designed with array type reflected light path to make the output of energy more uniform.Stable base and trolley structure ensure the safety of the treatment while enhancing its mobility and flexibility in treatment of scleroderma.

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