Kernel UV Phototherapy cares your skin

Without sunlight, life on the earth is impossible. Light therapy started with heliotherapy, which has been documented as early as the 2nd century AD. Following the artificial UVA, UVB, IR, Red, Blue, etc. And then they were widely used and continuously developed in various fields of clinical and aesthetic treatment. Kernel Medical has focused on developing various Physical therapy Equipment for 26 years, which can be used to reduce the symptoms of chronic skin conditions like Psoriasis,Vitiligo while others can repair and rejuvenate the skin, also cover hair regrowth treatment. We never stop moving on our way to advance technology promising of life.

Kernel Medical Equipment CO.,Ltd , a global leader in the development, manufacture and sale of advanced medical equipment, including 311/308nm UV phototherapy, PDT LED light therapy beauty machine, LLLT hair regrowth system,Digital&Optical video colposcope. We develop fresh, original ,state-of art solutions by converting concepts that often appear to be opposed into real products. Means to develop ,upgrade and reshape. To engineer, build, deliver and support products that best serve the marketplace by providing what you need.

  • Treating Vitiligo in Kids: Your Ultimate Guide!

    1.Embark on a Colorful Adventure! Discover Phototherapy for Children with Vitiligo. Unleash the Power of Excimer Laser and Targeted Phototherapy. Start Today! 2.Calling All Brave Adventurers! Experience Phototherapy for Children with Vitiligo. Unleash the Magic of Excimer Laser and Targeted Treatment. Join the Journey Now! 3.Journey to Radiant Skin Begins Here! Explore Phototherapy for Children with Vitiligo. Embrace Excimer Laser and Targeted Phototherapy for Colorful Results. Take Action Today! 4.Unlock a World of Colorful Possibilities! Discover Phototherapy for Children with Vitiligo. Embrace Excimer Laser and Targeted Treatment for Vibrant Skin. Start Your Adventure Now!

  • Is sunbathing helpful in treating vitiligo?

    Summer comes again, friends suffer from vitiligo always get worried if they could enjoy the summer holiday at ease. We'll tell you dos and don'ts.

  • Intense Pulsed Light(IPL) therapy in treating vitiligo

    Intense Pulsed Light therapy provded effective and well-tolerated in treating vitiligo.