How to use UVB phototherapy to targetedly treat psoriasis in the Scalp Part?


Psoriasis is a clinically common inflammatory chronic disease that is prone to manifest repeatedly. Clinical treatment is mainly based on the control of the symptoms.According to the size of the lesion, it can be treated internally with drugs, using topical drugs or NB-UVB local irradiation, etc.The side effects of local treatment are relatively small, not easy to cause liver and kidney function damage, and much safer.The scalp is a place where psoriasis is more likely to occur. Because the skin lesion is exposed, so the adverse effects on the patient's body and mental are obvious.Patients with scalp psoriasis use topical medicine for local treatment, because the hair covers the head, so they are limited in the choice of dosage form. The disease's drugs are mainly glucocorticoids, and the temporary effect is better after taking the drug, but it often relapses quickly after discontinuation, with the skin lesions worsen, so the clinical treatment of scalp psoriasis is still not satisfactory until now.

scalp psoriasis treatment

Today we will demonstrate a study done by three dermatology hospitals in Shandong Province, regarding the research of the combined application of calcipotriol liniment with NB-UVB for the treatment of scalp psoriasis.

They selected 184 patients with scalp psoriasis who were treated from January 2014 to December 2016, and divide the patients into a drug treatment group and a control observation group according to a random number table. In the drug treatment group, calcipotriol liniment was used in combination with NB-UVB treatment, and the control observation group was irradiated with NB-UVB alone to compare the clinical efficacy of the two groups.

Treatment Details: All patients shave the hair from the affected area, and the longest distance from the root of the hair should not exceed 0. 5cm. Drug treatment group (NB-UVB plus calcipotriol liniment ): external calcipotriol liniment, twice a day, the application time is 2 hours after phototherapy.At the same time, undergo a phototherapy with Kernel KN-4001 ultraviolet phototherapy instrument. The irradiation intensity was 6mw/cm2 and the peak value was 311nm. Local NB-UVB irradiation was performed 3 times a week. The initial dose is determined according to the type of patient's skin lesions. The initial dose is usually 0.5J. According to the previous irradiation, the dose can be increased every time, usually 10% to 20% each time. If the patient has painful erythema, etc., Need to reduce exposure or suspend exposure directly.After 4 to 6 weeks of treatment, if the patient's skin lesions have basically disappeared, stop increasing the dose.Control observation group (NB-UVB group): NB-UVB irradiation alone was applied in the same way as the drug treatment group. The treatment courses of the above two groups were 8 weeks, and were observed once a week, and the changes of skin lesions and adverse reactions were recorded.

Result:After 4 weeks of treatment, the treatment effective rate of the control observation group was 53. 26%, while the drug treatment group was 81. 52%, the difference in efficacy between the two groups was significant (P <0.01). After 8 weeks of treatment, the effective rates of the control observation group and the drug treatment group were 86. 96%, 96. 73%, the difference in efficacy between the two groups was significant (P <0.05).

Conclusion :The combination of calcipotriol liniment and NB-UVB is used in the treatment of psoriasis of the head. It works synergistically with each other, the treatment course is significantly shortened, with significant curative effect , and small side effects.


NB-UVB is a new treatment for psoriasis widely used in recent years and recognized by scholars at home and abroad. The treatment mechanism of NB-UVB for psoriasis mainly includes the following aspects: ①NB-UVB can inhibit the antigen-presenting function and proliferation of Langerhans cells, thereby reducing skin inflammation; ②NB-UVB can affect a variety of cells Factors, induce T cell apoptosis, inhibit T cell infiltration, reduce its mediated inflammatory response, and play a therapeutic role in psoriasis.

But currently rare products can be found to distinctively treat the scalp psoriasis,normally from hand-held,table-top,walk-in,cabinet type,but none of them are targeted for the scalp part.With more and more patient demand,we delicate ourselves to transform an idea into real products from the beginning of 2019,and finally turn into a finished product at June,2020.


Model:KN-4007, an advanced and typically designed for scalp part skin disorders treatment,such as vitiligo,psoriasis,eczema,dermatitis,pityriasis rosea,which the treatment head was developed as a helmet -type semi-enclosed structure.

More precisely deliver light directly to the scalp part to provide the full healing benefits to the patients,where any other device on the market cannot focus on.

1. DC high-frequency pulse power supply: 18 pcs uv lamps are independently controlled,  high safety, no screen flash and optimal patient treatment experience.

2.Free option of UVA or UVB :Have two kinds of treatment head:UVA and UVB,easy to change for different clinical needs.

3.Mirror Aluminum Reflector:German Ann aluminum mirror reflectors, extremely high light gathering performance and  reflectivity up to 98%, which greatly improves the intensity of the light source and improves the effectiveness of treatment.

4. Modular design of the treatment head:  Four groups of functional modules use independent operating systems, which can be turned on and off independently according to the irradiation lesion assure a more accurate and safe treatment.

5.Large display:8'' touch screen,rotatable of 180 degree,installed five common treatment plan,real time display dose& time countdown.Another auxiliary screen on the treatment head can display the left time,convenient for operators fully control and monitor the whole treatment process.

6.Time& Dose two work modes

7.Scientific cooling and streamlined sructure design:Each group is designed with an independent heat dissipation channel,combined with a integrated and seamless structure ensures that the heat  cannot enter the inner wall, thus creating a comfortable space for the patients.

8.Neck pillow design:Your head can get a good lift while undergoing the treatment with the soft and adjustable neck

 uvb phototherapy

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