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   The factory is located in kernel building, economic development district xuzhou,jiangsu,china.With an area of 50,000-100,000 square meters, it is divided into 8 product lines. Regardless of the richness of product lines, technological innovation and after-sales service, we all lead the industry and become the benchmark.

    In today's highly refined division of labor, kernel integrates high-quality design,production and logistics resources,specializing in the production of medical devices, the company has a strong design team and production team, modern production and inspection equipment.

    The company's products are positioned in high-tech medical electronic products,to bring customers quality products,Make life more beautiful.The company's products mainly include skin diagnosis,skin treatment,skin beauty,gynecology,emergency care five categories.Advanced technology and advanced research and development philosophy for the sustainable development of the company to lay a solid foundation, to ensure that the company's product design and technology research and development has been kept at the leading level.

   In the design and research and development of skin beauty products, the first innovative application of electronic prescription concept, continuous development of DC technology to improve the convenience of product use.

   In the production process, the production management department manages the production in accordance with the standard procedures,and adheres to the  principle of "quality first" with strict quality requirements and inspection standards, so as to do well the monitoring work before, during and after production, so as to ensure the customers can truly enjoy the "quality" we promise from the process.

    In the customer service, kernel always abide by the "customer is God" principle, to ensure that the majority of customers buying quality products at the same time enjoying the pleasant experience with us.

    This is kernel, a serious and responsible attitude, a spirit of never stopping...

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