excimer laser protocol for vitiligo

  • Laser therapy for psoriasis physiotherapy excimer light KN-5000C

    Why is 308nm better? 2020 new trending product physiotherapy equipment excimerlaser 308nm excimer laser for vitiligo psoriasis Clinically used 308 phototherapy has two characteristics compared to other phototherapy methods: 1. Strong targeting,High energy, great curative effect, quick effect and short course of treatment. Energy is reflected by the intensity of the radiation (also known as light intensity, optical power, spot density).45mW/cm2. 2. Xecl as midum so as to emit 308nm Single wavelength, Avoid other harmful wavelength interference. 3.Only several seconds for each lesion part.Initial time 3-5 seconds, for face and trunk,2-3times start to work,8-15 will be cured. 4.Suitable for children and pregnant women,safe and no side effects from international clinical application data.

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