The 12th World Vitiligo Day 2022


Learning To Live With Vitiligo



The 12th World Vitiligo Day is coming, every year we celebrate this special day to appeal our vi-friends for accepting our skin and love ourselves. And nowadays the meaning of WVD is caring and loving ourselves rather than just in memory of  Mr.Michael Jackson.

Vitiligo is not just a skin disorder, it's a part of us, and affect our life somehow.  1% - 2% of the people all over the world get troubled by vitiligo and it's increasing every year. The accurate reason which causes vitiligo is still not specific. But there’s still too much we can do to help. Such as pay attention to the food, our resting schedule, the mental stress, our sudden emotion swings, we can try to do something unless slow down the spreading of the patches and spots.

In the meantime, what's means more significant for us is we need to accept and embrace ourselves from the heart and enjoy our life. What is done cannot be undone, if we can't change it, just accept and live with it, the most precious thing is not matter what we got through, we keep optimistic and positive attitude and enjoy our life.

Last but not the least, we, Kernel medical equipment Co., Ltd, as a 25-year-old manufacturer of medical equipment, will always be your strong backing and we'll always be with you.

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