Get CE certification for battery UVB phototherapy devices on 4th,June


Through an efforts of nearly one year,Kernel most advanced HOME USE 311nm UVB lamp with battery series,successfully get its CE certificate on 4th June,2020.

The proposed device is a hand held ultraviolet phototherapy device, intended for partial treatment excluding eyes. Irradiation time can be adjusted from 0~30min and the treatment status can be controlled by the button on the device. The light comb equipped on the device is intended for easier treatment of target skin covered by hair, such as the scalp. 

Most important,it's built-in battery supply,more suitable for home use even while you were traveling,shopping,working to undergo a wireless treatment.

The device model KN-4003AL2, KN-4003BL2, KN-4003AL2D, KN-4003BL2D,

KN-4006AL1, KN-4006BL1, KN-4006AL1D and KN-4006BL1D are designed with SD card. The

recommended treatment can be written into the SD card by a physician. The device can be used in hospitals, clinics and households for the treatment of psoriasis, vitiligo, and atopic dermatitis (eczema) on all skin types (I-VI). 

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